wedding photography collections from $2990

wedding photography collections from $2990

Ask about our preferred pricing for the following venues:

Holland Marsh Wineries (Newmarket)

The Manor by Peter & Pauls (Kettleby)

Madison Greenhouse (Newmarket)

Waterstone Estate & Farms (Newmarket)

Our collections include a digital album, engagement session, plenty of time on your wedding day, and a host of other available options. Collections and what they include can be customized to suit your specific needs and wants; we have three great packages that serve as a perfect starting point.

Frequently asked questions

We've never been photographed before and we're nervous.

You're not the only one! It's our job to get you out of any funk you might be in when you show up for your engagement session - and speaking of, the engagement session is the perfect way to get comfortable in front of the camera before your big day. We will help you choose locations, outfits, and guide you through the whole process from start to finish. We begin with very basic poses, and once we show you how great the photo on the back of the camera looks you'll be comfortable and confident for the rest of the session. It's also fun - in the most organic way possible!

How do you set your prices?

When it comes to wedding photography, making a confident decision all on your own is overwhelming - especially today. Maybe you haven't realised it yet, but there is a vast number of options available to you; packages, hours of coverage, one photographer vs two, engagement session, etc., all of which affect the price you pay for your wedding photography - the trouble is, there's often no rhyme or reason as to why that price is what it is.

Every wedding photographer prices their work in a unique way - including us. It's entirely up to us to elaborate on what's included for what price. More importantly, it's the photographers responsibility to coach and guide you towards what works best for you. Having said this, we prefer to arrange a phone call to go over all of our pricing.

Whether you choose us or a different photographer, we believe that a quick conference call will be valuable time spent for you, as it will give you some insight as to how wedding photography is priced in today's day and age.

How many hours of photography coverage do we need?

We always recommend a minimum of eight hours and a maximum of twelve hours as a starting point. We have found that this time range works for most weddings, however, specific circumstances are what often influence the total number of hours needed. For example, if the bride and groom do not need or want getting ready photos, they may only need eight hours. Similarly, if there is a special event that will take place at midnight, twelve or more hours may be required. We offer a no obligation conference call to go over your specific wedding details and we will recommend a timeline that suits your needs best.

Do you touch up all the images you deliver to us?

Yes! All of our images in your gallery will be individually retouched with our signature style. This means our brand-defining stylistic preset is applied to your images, as well as colour correction for beautiful skin tones, exposure and contrast adjustments, and selective black and white processing. Our goal is to provide our clients with a gallery that flows nicely and has consistent colours and skin tone values across the board.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?

No, we do not. Duplicates, test images, photos with missed focus or photos with not-ideal facial expressions are excluded from your gallery. For example, we may take three of four shots consecutively to ensure perfect focus and a great facial expression. Out of these few images, we will only deliver one. In addition to this, any images we feel would take away from the gallery experience we would also not include; when you see your images for the first time, we want you to experience the entire day from start to finish in a smooth and fluent way. If you would like to see every image from your big day, we do offer a service that provides this.

How would you describe your style?

Our style comes from a few different places, but generally we place a high priority on employing a look and feel that represents classic wedding photojournalism. We add a hint of fine-art and fashion photography into the mix, creative lighting, and artistic post production to give our clients the "wow factor", as well as the must-have candid photos we all know and love.

Do I have to order prints through you?

We strongly believe that all of our clients who have chosen to invest their time and money with us have the rights to print their own images. You paid good money for them - they're yours! Having said that, we do still recommend that you order prints through us. We use two high end printing studios in the Greater Toronto Area and, although more expensive than a traditional print centre, we can guarantee perfect results each and every time.

Who will be photographing my wedding?

We (Iain & Cass) shoot most weddings together. Both of our most popular packages feature two photographers, as our unique final product is the result of us working closely together. If we are slightly out of your price range, our introductory package does offer single photographer services - however we always recommend that you go with two as it provides twice the creative angles and gives not one, but two unique perspectives of your wedding day.

how come i cant see your pricing on your website?

This is a complex answer, and we would love to have a chat with you not only about our pricing, but wedding photography pricing in general. You don't shop for wedding photography like you would shop for a car. Yes, you can see a car's base price online and various options which can increase or decrease the price overall. However, most people have a general idea of how much a vehicle costs in the market they're looking for - whether it's a budget vehicle or a luxury brand. If you don't know anything about cars and what they cost, what do you do? You would probably visit the dealer and meet with somebody who can go over your needs and wants and how much you can and - more importantly - should spend. This is exactly what we like to do with our couples, as most people have little to no experience shopping for wedding photography, whereas they've likely had experience shopping for a car!

My Venue is very dark. How do you handle these situations?

Colder Canadian months may be beautiful, but it does mean shorter days - which means your venue could become quite dark earlier on in the day. For those who have chosen already dark venues, the shorter days can only emphasize this effect even more. Thankfully, we shoot with some of the highest end cameras money can buy, which perform excellently in low light situations. If the scenario allows for it, we also have an off-camera lighting setup which we will set up in a way that doesn't take away from the atmosphere that was present at your wedding.

Can I see a full wedding gallery from start to finish?

You sure can! Our website features a dedicated client page where we host our galleries. These galleries are locked, however some of our amazing couples have allowed us to share the galleries with others. If you would like to see a gallery from start to finish, please get in touch with us and a one-time password to the gallery will be provided to you. This also gives you a great opportunity to see the beautiful online photo collections that are included in all of our packages.

What type of camera/equipment do you use?

We strongly believe in the popular phrase "the best camera is the one you have with you", and while this is true, the cameras we have with us are some of the best available. You may have heard of Canon, Nikon, and Sony - they're all superb and appropriate for wedding photography. We use Nikon equipment - we love the incredible detail captured by our D850's and the gorgeous, lush skin tones created by the new mirror-less Z6. Paired with some of the industry standard zoom and prime lenses, you can be sure that the images taken by us are - technically speaking - as good as they can possibly get. When the sun goes down, we use a variety of off camera lights to ensure that the overall feel doesn't appear too dark and gloomy.

Should we do an engagement session? When should we schedule it?

Absolutely! Especially if you have never been professionally photographed before. Not only will you have beautiful engagement photos for invitations, social media, and that print for your parents fireplace, but you'll get some practise in front of the camera before your wedding. During the engagement session we have the time to teach you how to pose and show you how we work together, and on your wedding day you'll be a pro! We do recommend that you do your engagement session as soon as possible so we have time to complete any product orders that are needed for your wedding day.

We don't want an engagement session, can we get a discount?

All of our packages include an engagement session. If you feel like you don't need or want the engagement session, we can offer a discount on the total package price to help with budgeting. Please get in touch with us to learn how to take advantage of this.