What to wear to an engagement Shoot

There are so many factors that go into what a person should wear to an engagement shoot. Things like location, weather, and individual personality all play a role in what a person would ultimately feel comfortable and look good in. With being part of quite a few engagement sessions, we have compiled a few key pointers to help a variety of couples prepare.

In most situations, we tell our couples to wear neutral colours, and avoid busy patterns.

Avoiding bright, highlighter-like colours and busy patterns is key. While there might be certain instances where it will work, for the most part it ends up making photos look very busy. Neutral/natural tones work best for most couples and most locations.

Coordinate colours between the both of you (but not necessarily matchy-matchy).

A simple white dress for her, with gray slacks and a neutral button-up shirt for him allows for crisp, clean looking photos. Adventurous couples might opt for burgundy & olive tones, or pastel coloured outfits. Coordinating a colour palette is a beautiful way of tying both of you together, accentuating the fact that you are indeed, a beautiful couple.

What is the location of the shoot?

Depending on the location of the shoot, you might want to opt for different styles. These are examples of what we have seen work best, but feel free to try out something different!

Forests & Open Fields - Fit & Flare, or, long dresses for her || Slacks and a button up shirt for him

Beach Side - Rompers/jumpsuits, or, long boho dresses for her || Kahki shorts and a button up shirt for him

City Scenes - Fit & Flare dresses, or, jeans and a nice top for her || Jeans and a nice top for him

Lifestyle/At Home - Jeans/jean shorts for both, white teeshirts, and cozy sweaters/cardigans. You can even get risqué with some lingerie underneath!

Venue/Event Hall - Gala style dresses for her || Suit & tie for him

Bring an outfit change

If you have enough time with your photographer (generally around 1hr+) and they allow for it (our couples always know we do!), bring an outfit change. This allows you to 1) have an outfit you look and feel amazing in, and 2) changes up the look of your gallery considerably.

A lot of couples do not know how an outfit will actually photograph.

Quick changes allow couples to feel more confident in what they are wearing, and ultimately will help the look of the final gallery.

Dress For the Weather

Ontario has warm months, and freezing months, and it can be quite unpredictable in between.

For warmer months: Light colours and breathable materials (like cotton) can help with feeling cooler during your session. Sunhats and parasols can be used as fun props along with completing an outfit.

For colder months: Dress in layers! Wear a warm cardigan (early fall), coat (fall), or parka (winter) that can be thrown on in between photos. Fashion scarfs that can also double as a prop are always useful. Beanie hats and mittens make sense for snowy weather. Remember: It's easy to take off layers if you get too warm during the session, and much better than being cold!

Final Remarks

While every individual person and situation is unique, we urge our couples to look their best in front of a camera. This will ultimately boost confidence and show the love, care, and thought you have put into preparing for your engagement session.